Paint a Painted Dog Gallery and winners!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered our competition! 
As you can see, we have had some wonderful Painted Dogs come in and are blown away by the creativity of these from young and old!  We thank each and everyone one of you for taking the time to use your imagination and we hope all of you enjoyed participating.  This is an awesome pack!!

Abby Aged 9 Party Dog – I wanted to do a colourful ‘party’ dog!


Isaac Aged 4 - I wanted to make a bright and colourful dog with wings and shoes 😊



WINNER: Theo Aged 5 - I wanted to make a colourful, sparkly dog!


Tom Aged 8 – I made mine a sort of Fox style


Violetta Aged 8 - My Painted Dog has a heart pattern on his fur, because he's in love with a Painted Dog "girl". He found a treasure chest, and he's happy because there are a lot of jewelleries in the box that he can give to his Love


Finn Aged 8 - I love rainbows because they are colourful.  I love nature and I love how the colours go together well like the beautiful patterns on a Wild Dog


Avery Aged 4


Maeve Aged 4


Beatrice Aged 9 - photos she had seen from her Auntie Jackie who volunteers for research with painted dogs. She wanted capture the texture and markings of their fur.


Samuel Aged 5 - a colourful dog being captured or tangled in rope. Beautiful but also sad.


William Aged 7 - wanted to capture the dog hunting at night and add happy faces as their markings.


Ansley Bossart


WINNER: Claire Heffron 


Clare Payne - Painted dogs are always so beautiful. I love the combination of blended tones and strong contrasts on their fur. Their markings are like an abstract artist’s canvas.  I took my reference photo from a captive dog, in a breeding programme in England but I hope to one day see these beautiful animals in the wild.


Elizabeth Barker - inspired by the wild dog’s link to the planet earth and connection between our planet and conservation of nature.


Jackie Scott – Painted Dogs are just one of so many species that are endangered in Africa and my piece is a tribute to a few of these


Louise Ogilvy – Thistles


Margot Barker - inspired by the importance of the Wild dogs running free and joyful across Africa.