'Symbiosis' Exhibition

Our Runners-up (from last year's main exhibition) group show is now open!

The talented Cole Stirling, Anne Thomsen, Georgi Georgiev, Mikaela Bartlett and Emma Swift have come together to produce a wonderful show, we do hope you enjoy looking at their beautiful artworks. The full gallery of works can be veiwed HERE, or click on the Symbiosis Gallery in the above tabs.

The exhibition will run from Friday 17th June - Sunday 3rd July 10pm BST, in support of Game Rangers International and The Endangered Wildlife Trust.


Our AFPD Shop includes Limited Edition Prints with lots of beautiful images starting at £20, stunning cards and our own in-house Painted Dog washbags and tea towels. There are also a few exclusive AFPD Originals still available. Please click on the collections below, or use the drop-down 'AFPD Shop' menu above.

To view a specific artists collection please click HERE or the full site can be navigated from the tabs above.

AFPD Etsy Store

As well as having beautiful card and homewares available through this website, we have opened a small shop ArtsforPaintedDogs on Etsy!  Click HERE to view.

Etsy is a leading global online marketplace with an emphasis
on handmade goods from producers throughout the world and we will be selling our contributing artists prints, cards, in-house washbags and tea towels in our Etsy Shop
As on here, a percentage of each sale will of course go straight back to wildlife. 
This is ideal for any of our EU member state customers wanting to buy anything small and under £130 as the IOSS (Integrated One-Stop Shop) is fully integrated through Etsy with all tax and VAT charges applied directly at checkout.

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About us

Artists for Painted Dogs and other Wildlife is a collaborative exhibition of contemporary wildlife artists and photographers from around the world, whose exhibitions thus far have raised over £80,000 for wildlife. We aim to work with the best wildlife and nature artists covering a diverse range of artwork, all of whom work tirelessly for conservation.

Our next Runners-Up Exhibition 2022 will be in support of

We will also continue to support our founding organisation


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