'Head II Head' collaboration show is now open!

Our second collaboration mini exhibition 'Head II Head' is now open for sales.

Long supporting AFPD artists Julie Brunn and Heather Irvine have come together to produce 9 pieces each from the same reference material of species from across the world showcasing their complimentary styles. Both artists are donating 50% to Brown Hyena research in Namibia (you can find out more about this project by clicking the tab above) and bird conservation in South America and we welcome you to view the pieces each has created in the 'Head II Head' Gallery tab above.

The exhibition is now on until Sunday 19th May online here on our website and through ours and both artists social media channels.

There will be more collaborative exhibitions to follow throughout 2024 with a diverse and wide selection of artists and we look forward to bringing you their work.


Our AFPD has beautiful Limited Edition Prints, cards and our own in-house Painted Dog washbags and tea towels in stock. Please click on the collections below, or use the drop-down 'AFPD Shop' menu above.

To view a specific artists collection please click HERE or the full site can be navigated from the tabs above.

EU Member State buyers - please be aware, we do not currently support IOSS on our website, therefore please email info@artistsforpainteddogs.com if you would like to make a purchase of pieces £130 and below. Please see HERE for details.

About us

Artists for Painted Dogs and other Wildlife is a collaborative exhibition of contemporary wildlife artists and photographers from around the world, whose exhibitions thus far have raised over £100,000 for wildlife. We aim to work with the best wildlife and nature artists covering a diverse range of artwork, all of whom work tirelessly for conservation.

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