Zoe Fitchet

Zoe Fitchet is a wildlife conservation artist from the South of England, who uses her work to raise awareness and support wildlife projects around the world.
Working in acrylic or coloured pencil, Zoe creates lifelike portraits, each piece requiring numerous tiny details and multiple layers to build up a realistic result. With the use of negative space to create focus on the subject, her wildlife pieces adopt a more contemporary look.
From a young age Zoe has worked hard to grow her ability and skill, always seeking ways to improve the accuracy of her pieces. “I love to challenge myself to achieve realism in my work. I want the viewer to feel as though the portrait could take a breath at any moment, creating lifelike detail which allows them to see and appreciate the beauty of each animal. It is my intention with each portrait to capture life, character and sometimes movement; making the eyes alive is often the most crucial part hence why they are usually the first thing to complete.”

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