Nicholas Dyer - Special Print - Glowing Ears


These are a very special run of only 20 prints each, professionally printed on Hahnemulhe Bamboo paper at highly discounted cost (Nick's prints usually sell for £500 upwards)

Size 30cms x 45cms (approx 12" x 18") with a small border

Shipped from the UK, shipping worldwide included

To me, the painted wolf dens are the most sacred places in Mana Pools, a private place which demands the greatest respect and care. This den was used repeatedly by Tait and her daughter Blacktip and granddaughter Whiskey.
This is one of Blacktips pups taken in 2017, her Mickey Mouse ears aglow. It was a great privilege that they accepted my presence nearby.
This picture appeared in Painted Wolves: A Wild Dog's Life

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