Corinne Zollinger - Dragons of our time

Original Mixed Media
27.9cms x 43.18cms (11" x 17")

'Some years ago I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with a Bearded Vulture, who was part of a breeding program here in Switzerland. The offspring of these birds are all released back into the wild to help establish their species where it once was common. Getting up close to such a magnificent bird was a one of a kind experience which I'll never forget. I only knew them from books and pictures so I was stunned to learn that these birds have a wingspan of almost three meters. They are very specialised in their diet and almost exclusively feed on bone marrow. They drop large pieces of bone from great heights to get to their feast. The red ring around their eyes gets even brighter when they are excited and the bird covers itself in iron rich soils to stain its feathers red. So its kind of using make up to look more attractive. What appeals most to me is their ancient dragon like appearance which gave this piece its name.'

Please note - This original will be shipped from Switzerland by Corinne.  Approximate postage costs are £29 to the UK and £40 to the USA, purchaser to pay the postage/packing direct to the artist (at cost), please see HERE for details.

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