Carina Kramer - Hunter

Watercolour and Ink
37 x 25cms

'I remember my first sighting of Painted Dogs in the wild like it was yesterday. Four of us were sitting near the fireplace in our training camp when an Impala zipped by followed by two dogs chasing it towards the edge of the waterhole. It took a few seconds for us to realise what had happened, but when we did we all shot up and jogged towards the water. By then the Impala had run past us again still followed by the dogs and we noticed a few more members of the pack in the bushes and at the opposite bank of the waterhole making sure the prey went exactly were it was supposed to. Needless to say that the Impala did not stand a chance against these fantastic hunters and the dogs caught it near our vantage point. They devoured it completely within 17 min (yes, we used a stopwatch ^^). The whole scene went past so quickly and unexpectedly that we had trouble believing what we had seen.

Those moments are incredibly special in itself yet they become more and more precious each minute as wild dogs are poached and suffer immensely from the loss of habitat.

Supporting them through organisations, who keep doing the amazing work in the field, be it anti-poaching units, rehabilitation centres or something else, has been at the heart of my creative work right from the start. Up until now I´ve had the chance to be a part of the Wildlife Artist of the Year exhibition in London for four years in a row and join the Sketch for Survival campaign with two 100% donations. In May 2018 I also became a Signature Member of the Artists for Conservation Society in Canada.'

Please note - This original will be shipped from Germany by Carina, purchaser to pay the postage/packing direct to the artist (at cost). The approximate cost of shipping to the US is £30, please see HERE for details. 

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