2022 Autumn Exhibition Rules

Artists for Painted Dogs (AfPD) Autumn Exhibition 2022 - Rules of Submission
The AfPD committee encourage all artists to submit work for our third annual online wildlife exhibition to be held on our website www.artistsforpainteddogs.comBoth professional and amateur artists are welcome and no distinction will be made between them.


 DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS - STRICTLY Monday 10th OCTOBER 11.59 BST No exceptions as this year we have limited time to judge.

We will be supporting The Kalahari African Wild Dog Trust (KAWDT) Kalahari African Wild Dog Trust | Facebook Insta - @kalahariwilddogproject 😊

If you have any questions whatsoever with your submissions, please contact Heather Irvine info@artistsforpainteddogs.com


Please use the submissions form HERE on the site to submit work and use this guide to help filling in that form.  Entries are £10 per artwork (all entries fees will be donated to KAWDT), free entry for our Wall of Wildlife (WOW).


  • Up to 3 pieces original artworks/sculpture/jewellery/original prints (linocut/lithograph etc can be submitted - a run of prints will be considered as one artwork for original prints) in any medium depicting any wildlife from across the world. Works depicting domestic animals or purely botanical subjects are NOT permissible. As we are supporting KAWDT, a Painted Dog/Wild Dog organisation, it would be lovely to see Painted Dogs pieces submitted, but we are open to all mammals, birds, insects etc. The more varied we can make the exhibition the better!
  • Sculpture - bronze, paper art, ceramics, glass, jewellery and all other forms of 3-D work are acceptable.  Please ensure dimensions are clearly stated and preferably you have 2/3 photos from different angles of your work.
  • Pure Digital artwork is accepted, but these must be ONE off’s – i.e. purchasable by a single unique file transfer, or as a physical single unique print only (use the additional comments boxes on the form to let us know which will be offered)
  • Photographs of your artworks need to be high res (300dpi) jpegs, no larger than 5MB.  Please name each file with all the information on the form, ie artists name, artwork title, media, size, price ie "Sarah Jones Elephants Watercolour 40x60cm £375.jpeg".  For 3-d artworks extra images of differing angles of the work can be sent to info@artistsforpainteddogs.com
    Please photograph your work in the best natural light possible and as accurately as possible for colour, as we do not want your work to be let down by bad photography. Out of focus shots, images that are lit badly, or angled artworks (ie propped up against the wall when you photograph them) won’t give your artwork (or our judges) the best chance to review your work fairly.
  • Artwork must have been produced in the last 2 years and must NOT have been submitted to any AFPD exhibition previously.
  • Framed works are acceptable, but please remember these will be more expensive and difficult to ship (we have buyers from across the world) so preference is for UNFRAMED work. If pieces submitted are framed, then please describe your frame in the additional notes section on the submissions form, so it can be added to your description and include a photograph of the piece in its entirety with the frame.
  • You can enter our Wall of Wildlife (WOW) completely FREE OF CHARGE, alongside, or separately to the main submissions, please see the WOW notes below*

Forms must be submitted *Strictly by Monday 10th Oct 11.59pm BST at the latest* so it allows time to collate these for judging and for us to organise all of the social media posts we will be doing during the previews and to put everything up on the site.   


Please use the submissions form for your Artist’s Statement/Bio which we will use as a base for social media posts and on your individual Artists Collection pages if accepted.  We are limiting everyone to 250 words, so if yours is longer we’ll shorten it for you (with your approval). 


  • £1000 overall winner and a solo show on the website in 2023 (dates TBC) proceeds from sales to be split as in sales/donations below.
  • Five runners-up will also have a group exhibition on the website in 2023 (dates TBC) proceeds from sales to be split as in sales/donations below.
  • Best ‘Painted Dog’ piece will receive £100
  • Highly commended/commended pieces will be marked on the site


All artwork entered into the competition must be unsold and available for sale by AFPD during the exhibition if shortlisted. Artists will be notified of any sales at the end of each exhibition week by email. Proceeds of the sale of artworks in the exhibition are to be split as such:

50% to the artist (should you wish to donate more to KAWDT, please let us know on the additional notes sections on the submissions form).

35% to KAWDT

5% to Wildlife ACT

10% admin/site fees/costs.  As we are a not-for-profit organisation, any funds left over after costs are taken out will also be donated - this usually equates to approximately total 43% donation. 

Although Painted Dogs will always be at the heart of AFPD, we do wish to support all vulnerable species and conservation projects across the world.


Judging will be done by an independent panel made up of professional artists, exhibition organisers and conservationists associated with KAWDT.  Each piece will be individually judged on its own merit.  Please note that the judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. All successful entrants will be notified by email by TUESDAY 18th OCT.  If you do not hear from us by then, unfortunately your work has not been accepted. If you are successful, you will be asked to fill in a short artist’s consent form.

What the judges will be looking for:

  1. Interpretation of the subject using artistic imagination and creativity.
  2. Artworks that depict a true understanding or personal experience of a particular species form, character and behaviour.
  3. Compositional skill and artistic ability.
  4. A true ‘sense of place’ in depicting the subject within its environment. 
  5. Artworks that tackle relevant conservation issues threatening all wildlife today in a unique and evocative way.
Whilst AFPD does support artists who work in a purely representational and realistic way, we will always want as diverse an exhibition as possible in both subject matter and styles, to maximise the reach to potential buyers for both our artists and charities.  Bias will not be taken on one style over another.



Copyright remains the property of the artist and any enquiries to those rights will be referred back to the artist. Artwork subjects must be from source material obtained either solely by the artist, or through correct legal copyright compliance. Where you have used a reference piece, please send details to info@artistsforpainteddogs.com so that it can be included in the details of your artwork on the AFPD website.  AFPD accepts no responsibility for the copyright of any artwork submitted, artists must take responsibility and permissions solely. AFPD does however reserve the right to request verification of source material and such permissions must be available in writing. By submitting artworks, artists accept that AFPD will use images of artworks for publicity and marketing of the exhibition on social media and the AFPD website. AFPD will not however use these images for any commercial opportunity without the artist’s consent

WEBSITE/SOCIAL MEDIA:   www.artistsforpainteddogs.com

Please take a look at our site.  The exhibition will have its own separate Autumn Exhibition 2022 Gallery page with all of the accepted artworks.  Each artist will then have an individual ‘collection’ (‘Collections’ page currently on the site) which then leads onto your individual ‘product pages’ of separate works.  The 2022 Gallery of accepted works will remain in alphabetical order by artists names as it is the easiest way for viewers to navigate this.  The home page will have a rotating ‘Featured Collection’ of artist’s work for the duration of the exhibition. We will also be posting twice a day throughout the exhibition duration on our Facebook www.facebook.com/artistsforpainteddogs and Instagram @artistsforpianteddogs



Each artist will be individually responsible for shipping original artworks from any sales direct to buyers.  Buyers will be responsible for paying you directly (at as close to cost as possible please) for shipping. This will be clearly defined on each of your collections, gallery page, separate product pages and throughout the site.  An email will be sent to you with your buyers contact details for you to arrange this.  For heavy artwork/sculpture, please can you let us know as to roughly what shipping costs will be so we can put an advisory on the site.


This is FREE to enter on the submissions form and can be entered SEPARATELY, or alongside the main submissions.  These WILL NOT BE JUDGED, so all WOW’s entered will go up on the site (if you enter this separately you would NOT have a collection page/anything on the 2022 Gallery page, just your image on the WOW gallery page).

The Wall of Wildlife (WOW) pieces will be 100% donation to our supported charity KAWDT and will be sold on a separate Wall of Wildlife gallery on our website for £80 each.  DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year do a similar thing with their postcard sized originals at £60 and they are always snapped up immediately.  Your WOW piece will need to be a small drawing/sketch/painting of any wildlife subject on any surface of A4 size only.  That way the whole ‘collection’ is the same size and our buyers know what size to expect.

Please use the submission box on the form to upload your WOW piece.  If you would like to enter more than one WOW piece, please message Heather at info@artistsforpainteddogs.com with your images, title and medium and mark your email ‘WOW extras’