2021 Autumn Exhibition Rules

Artists for Painted Dogs (AfPD) Autumn Exhibition II - Rules of Submission
The AfPD committee encourage all artists to submit work for our second annual online wildlife exhibition to be held on our website www.artistsforpainteddogs.com.  Both professional and amateur artists are welcome and no distinction will be made between them.
Artists are allowed to submit up to 3 original artworks in any 2-d or 3-d medium (excluding photography).  Original prints are acceptable ie. those executed by hand solely by the artist such as lino cut, screen print, etc with the exclusion of any and or all  mechanically processed reproduction prints.  Digital artworks are allowed but they must be for sale - artwork can either be sold as a download digital file to be emailed to purchasers, or as a physical one-off print (please let us know on your submission form in 'additional comments' which you would prefer to do).
All artworks must have been produced within the last year – from August 1st 2020 to the current date.
The exhibition is open to artists aged 18 and over (you must be 18 by the closing date for entries September 19th 2021.  If you wish to be eligible for our main prize, you must hold a current and valid passport for travel).
All artworks must depict any world wildlife subject matter such as birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, crustaceans and insects.  Works depicting domestic animals or purely botanical subjects are not permissible.
Entries are £10 per artwork.
There is no minimum price for artworks on our website.
Photographs of your work for submissions
All artworks need to be submitted via the AfPD Autumn Exhibition II online submissions page on the AfPD website - click: 2021 Autumn Exhibition Submissions – Artists for Painted Dogs and other Wildlife.  Please fill in this form carefully as we cannot accept alterations once submitted.  Files need to be high res (300dpi) jpegs, no larger than 5MB.  Please name each file with all the information on the form, ie artists name, artwork title, media, size, price ie "Sarah Jones Elephants Watercolour 40x60cm £375.jpeg".  For 3-d artworks extra images of differing angles of the work can be sent to info@artistsforpainteddogs.com
Please photograph your work in the best natural light possible and as accurately as possible for colour, as we do not want your work to be let down by bad photography.  Out of focus shots, images that are lit badly, or angled artworks (ie propped up against the wall when you photograph them) won’t give your artwork (or our judges) the best chance to review your work fairly.
Closing date for submissions:  23.59 BST on September 19th 2021.
Judging will be done by an independent panel made up of professional artists, exhibition organisers and conservationists associated with the chosen charities we are supporting (Endangered Wildlife Trust (South Africa) and Game Rangers International (Zambia)).  Each piece will be individually judged on its own merit.  Please note that the judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
What the judges will be looking for:
  1. Interpretation of the subject using artistic imagination and creativity.
  2. Artworks that depict a true understanding or personal experience of a particular species form, character and behaviour.
  3. Compositional skill and artistic ability.
  4. A true ‘sense of place’ in depicting the subject within its environment. 
  5. Artworks that tackle relevant conservation issues threatening all wildlife today in a unique and evocative way.
Whilst AfPD does support artists who work in a purely representational and realistic way, we will always want as diverse an exhibition as possible in both subject matter and styles, to maximise the reach to potential buyers for both our artists and charities.  Bias will not be taken on one style over another.
All entrants will be notified of the judge’s decisions via email by Friday Oct 8th 2021.
Prize winners will be notified when the exhibition opens on Oct 15th 2021.
Copyright remains the property of the artist and any enquiries to those rights will be referred back to the artist.  Artwork subjects must be from source material obtained either solely by the artist, or through correct legal copyright compliance.  AfPD accepts no responsibility for the copyright of any artwork submitted, artists must take responsibility and permissions solely.  AfPD does however reserve the right to request verification of source material and such permissions must be available in writing.
By submitting artworks, artists accept that AfPD will use images of artworks for publicity and marketing of the exhibition on social media and the AfPD website.  AfPD will not however use these images for any commercial opportunity without the artist’s consent.
Sales of artworks
Artists will be notified of any sales at the end of each exhibition week by email.  Shipping of artworks is to be organised between the artist and their buyer separately from the exhibition (the artist to request payment directly from the buyer).
Proceeds of the sale of artworks in the exhibition are to be split as such:
50% to the artist
35% to be split between GRI and EWT
5% to Wildlife ACT
10% to AfPD to cover admin and payment fees, site costs etc. *As AfPD is a not-for-profit organisation, any funds left over after costs will also be made as a donation and split between our supported charities.
Two Overall winners will win either:
A week’s placement in South Africa to work alongside the Endangered Wildlife Trust at a date convenient to them in 2022 (subject to availability). All costs will be included other than flights to and from South Africa, internal connections and drinks (AfPD will contribute £500 towards the winning artist’s travel costs).  Two-week solo show showcasing work from this trip on the AfPD website with 50% to the artist, 50% donation (less fees) going to Endangered Wildlife Trust.
A week placement with GRI at their Elephant Nursery and a trip to the Release Facility in Kafue at a date convenient to them in 2022 (subject to availability). All costs will be included other than flights to and from Zambia, internal connections and drinks (AfPD will contribute £500 towards the winning artist’s travel costs).  Two-week solo show showcasing work from this trip on the AfPD website with 50% to the artist, 50% donation (less fees) going to Game Rangers International.
Two-week joint exhibition on the AfPD website in 2022 (dates TBC), proceeds from sales to be split as in sales of artworks above.
Artwork judged to be the best depiction of Painted Dog/s: 
£100 Art Materials Gift Card