Rebecca Findlay

My name is Rebecca and I live in the North West of England. I have always dabbled in making art since being very young- nurtured by my Grandad, who was a very talented artist. I trained in art and design in Blackburn, then later, trained in Kingston (UK) where I got my fine art degree.
I have sold work here and there and have had a couple of small exhibitions since those days but have never had the courage to become a full time professional artist, until recent circumstances made it seem like it might be possible.
My personal work often uses a painterly and intuitive approach and I aim to capture something of the fleeting beauty I see around me. My personal artistic themes often centre around life, its fragility and beauty and the humanity that can be found in that. To me, as an artist, there is nothing more fascinating than capturing something of that beauty in paint or another medium.
I enjoy a range of subject matter and work in a variety of mediums from pencil to oils and acrylics. However, for me, like many artists, birds are a recurring theme in my work and I definitely love the ideas of freedom that they represent. But also, parrots and Macaws in particular- I like the parallels between them and my own insecurities about my art being just beautiful mimicry.

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