Nick Lyon

Nick studied social anthropology before co-founding an independent production company focused on human and animal rights. He worked for many years in Indonesia with local editors and camera operators. Making locally voiced films to fight the unbridled expansion of palm oil. Set against a political environment where large industry claims seemed to be overriding traditional land use rights and any need for habitat protection for endangered species. It’s an ongoing problem, but we won some big battles in our time. In the early 2000’s we started to supply larger pressure groups like Greenpeace and Oxfam with compelling evidence of malpractice and abuses. 
Nick then moved into international broadcast television, first making 7 films based in Indonesia, with strong, issue-based stories. Next he moved into “landmark natural history”, the big series that show the true beauty of the natural world, but sometimes give us a false sense of security. Having seen both sides of the coin it is clear to him that (even in his relatively short career) the world has changed markedly, there is so much that has changed for the worse, but not all is lost irrevocably. 
Nick’s latest film, BBC1’s Dynasties – Painted Wolf, had him dedicated to single species for 4 years. Set in the beautiful Mana Pools, Nick got to know two related packs of dogs, spending many, many months with them. He has subsequently moved onto a CG-heavy series, but the dogs still have a huge place in his heart. Nick has just been invited to become a patron of PDC-UK’s (Painted Dog Conservation UK, and has embraced the opportunity to stay connected with the species and continue to wave the banner for one of the most amazing species on earth. He sees his time with the packs as one of the best periods of his life and will fight tirelessly to ensure a future for them. 
As well as the film, Nick has co-authored a scientific paper on unique behaviour captured in the film, and has witnessed perhaps more behavioural oddities than many; with the use of long lenses, high speed cameras,  helicopters, night vision, drones and month-long around-the-clock surveillance, not to mention the many months reviewing every single shot from 565 filming days. These photos represent some of his favourite moments with the animals who he built relationships with, relationships built on mutual trust and respect. Some of these photos were only possible through the years of trust built between Nick and the individual animals. More of Nick’s work with wildlife and conservation can be found at @cockroach on Instagram. 

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