Carina Kramer - Innocence

Oil on canvas
120 x 40cms
'Rhinos have always fascinated me for some reason. The fact that there are two horns randomly growing on their noses not even attached to their skulls is just intriguing. 

As many already know, these horns mostly consist of keratin...the same stuff our nails and hair as well as animal hooves are made of. There is no proof for any medicinal properties, and if there were: Chew on your own nails please. :)

Anyway, apart from the very critical situation all five rhino species on the planet find themselves in, I wanted to create something that allows the viewer to step into an intimate relationship with these massive animals. The beautiful individual right in the foreground obviously draws the attention in first, but...

...there is actually two rhinos in the painting. Can you see the second one?'

Please note - This original will be shipped from Germany by Carina, purchaser to pay the postage/packing direct to the artist (at cost). The approximate cost of shipping to the US is £30, please see HERE for details. 


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